Brookfield is Fredrick Brooks (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Jeff Brackett (guitars/mandolin/harmonies) Joy Brooks (singer/percussion/flute) and Chris Pezzarello (drums/percussion). They have been performing together for over three decades. Their vast original catalogue of songs includes folk, blues and jazz and roots.

Falling Away 


I wrote this song a long time ago and recently found it my old files and thought how it still speaks to me. Each verse is a different setting on the topic of love and relationships and the chorus ties the three verses together in an answer to each verse’s story. 

Backstory: - I booked a friend’s studio to do an off the floor recording with just guitar and with what I thought would be a scratch vocal so I pulled my youngest daughter Katherine out of school to sing the lead (Joy was in a meeting for the day). Caroline and Joy’s harmonies were added later. 

I love the way the third verse lifts when everyone sings together with that genetic stamp. Like so many songs it got lost with the years - thanks to those who give it listen. 

This is pre Brooks Sisters and pre Good Lovelies - it’s a rough recording but it marks a beautiful place in time for me and our band Brookfield. /Fredrick

Falling Away




No Townie Girl Was I 

This pandemic still has us in it's hold, but we are forging ahead with some songs from our roots side. No Townie Girl Was I was written after we returned from a trip to Newfoundland. Joy was attending a conference so Fredrick was able to explore the sights and enjoy the company of the warm hearted Newfoundlanders. They shared their cafe breakfast tables with him, let him into buildings to explore after hours and they shared stories from their hearts... and there is nothing better for a writer than to hear the tales of the land and the people.

This song is Kay's story who left her small coastal village on the east coast of the island to follow her love to St John's. After raising her family, he left her and she was in the process of making a decision to return to her village.

No Townie Girl Was I


Finding our way during COVID19 

While in self-isolation for the COVID19 virus, we’ve had time to review and organize things we’ve put on hold. Fredrick was listening to some earlier work and found a piece that he wrote when he did a chautauqua with Jeff and Mel Kay. He wrote every day while touring northern Ontario. Swimming in the French River, hiking the Cup and Saucer Trail and camping on Manitoulin Island, traversing Cypress Lake and the grotto on the Bruce Trail, all became part of the song and has become a treasured memory. 

The song was recorded on an electric/acoustic Ovation we no longer have. We recorded the guitar and voice off the floor, and Fredrick added bass lines.  We’re posting it here because it is a part of us and we wanted to share it with you… Joy


One Grey Veil


Excited to be back in the studio! 

We are looking forward to going back into the studio. We’ve just finished our first round of pre-production with Robbie Grunwald of RavenTape Music at his new location. We are excited and very lucky to be recording with our drummer Chris Pezzarello. He has added so much to our band. Target date for recording is mid April if all goes well, with a release date of this summer. Joy

'One More Time' - New single to be released on Jan 21, 2020 

'One More Time' will be released on CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms on January 21st. We spent a few days with Robbie Grunwald at RavenTape Music in Toronto. Thanks to all who worked with us.

Fredrick Brooks - writer/guitar/lead vocal; Jeff Brackett - guitar/mandolin/harmonies; Joy Brooks - harmonies; Steve Zsirai - bass; Joshua Van Tassel - drums; Caroline Brooks - harmonies; Katherine McKenzie - harmonies; Robbie Grunwald - producer/engineeer; Justin Gray - mastering; Recorded at RavenTape Music - Toronto, ON

Link to Brookfield's recording:

CD Baby




Folk Alliance International - New Orleans Jan 2020 

The countdown is on. I don't know if I'm more excited for Christmas, or the January trip to the Folk Alliance International Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana ( We are lucky to have landed one of the slots in the FAI First Timers private showcase. I do get butterflies when thinking of it because New Orleans has been on my bucket list forever! Not only are the International Folk Music Awards being presented, but some notable keynote speakers, interviews, presentations and discussions will be happening during the five days. Performers from around the world will be taking part in the official and private showcases during the five days, and I don't think much sleep will be had. Hopefully we can get some sightseeing in while we are there. Joy

Linda Paulocik - Whitby Arts 

We've been preparing for an afternoon of song for Linda Paulocik’s memorial this Saturday Nov 23rd. 

We were so fortunate to have met Linda in the late 70’s at the Whitby Arts Station (aka The Station Gallery, Whitby Arts Inc). Linda was the first to allow Brookfield to perform an evening of original music at the Gallery. She hosted Brookfield many times over the years throughout the various stages of the band. 

She was our friend and we are honoured to perform in her memory. Joy

What's in a name? 

The origin of the Brookfield name comes from combining of paternal grandparent surnames... Fredrick Brooks and Alice Waterfield.  This band has been making music together forever...  long enough to have a ‘45’ single on vinyl. 

We’ve been together so long that when we started out, Brookfield was not a common name, and there was no Google or Yahoo or even Alta Vista search engines to test it out on. In fact there was no public internet. Now we get lost in web search results with probably a few dozen bands sharing the name, as well as dozens of Brookfield community music sites, and we are not to be confused with the massive property and development company. 

We are essentially invisible on-line, so every now and then we think about changing the name. Someone, who Fredrick is somehow related to way back, once said something like a rose by any other name is still a rose. We could change our name, we’d still be us. We’d be an easier find.   But if you are still with us through all these years we are good with that. 

Thank you for sticking with us.  We are still Brookfield. There is more music coming. Jeff